Discover How This
“Simple 7-Second Hack”
Changed My Life!

There are very few things in life which actually change people, as we get stuck in our "comfort zones". It can be extremely challenging to correct a lifetime of unhealthy habits, and that is exactly where I was. I had just turned 58 and I knew in my heart of hearts my time on earth was being drastically shortened by my lifestyle.

I've tried different diets and exercise but have failed countless amount of times. It's gotten so bad that I just accepted the fact that I would never get in shape. High blood pressure and pre-diabetes were sending me further and further down the rabbit hole.

It's funny because my family always told me I was carrying my weight well and continously supported me no matter what. Yeah, those multiple bra extenders sure did help me to carry those extra pounds well. *sarcasm* ugh.

Deep down I knew I was failing them by not taking care of myself. I just didn't know how to change...

Then my good friend Jessica, whom I had just seen for her 60th birthday on holiday, sent me a loving card in the mail containing a link to a video about this revolutionary, but super simple "7-second hack!” I was fascinated immediately, because I realized that there was someone else who understood exactly how I felt. As I kept watching (and my doubt let some down) I actually started to 'hear' what he was saying and that light-bulb finally went off. 💡 Talk about the moment 'a-ha!' I have really started to believe that this could work for me and they always say, the rest is history.

Now when I see friends like Jessica, who I don't see get to see as much as I'd like anymore, instead of feeling uncomfortable or insecure, I get compliments...and I'm not going to lie, that's one of the best feelings in the world 😀

Check out the video and see if it's relatable to you.... Just tap the white arrow below 👇

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